I’m sorry 

I’m tired. I still feel hung over from the weekend.

 Im sorry for the bad decisions. 

I felt embarrassed by what I heard. 

I didn’t even sound like myself. 

I’m so sorry, please forgive me.

I don’t want to be my destructive self.

I want to be the one who loves to much.

I want to be proud and confident of who I was made to be. 

Teach me how to be that me. 

To Young To Know

She took your innocence

She was all to altruistic

She was supposed to keep you safe

With warm clothes and dinner plates

Instead she ate that pink yogurt

Plotting how she’d get your hurt

Watching and watching your every move

To show you what she had to prove



Feelings are a mixture right now. I am listening to my parents fight. I fought with my little sister. I was a bitch to her. Why do I do that?

I want to binge. I want to eat everything. I want to eat and throw up. Eat Eat and Eat, Im writing so I don’t go in to the kitchen, because how do I deal with stress?? I eat everything or I don’t eat at all.

That didn’t last long because what did I do???? Yea I went in the kitchen and got chips and fruit snacks…

Today I went in to Victoria Secret, I suddenly realized why our society has the problems we do. Naked pictures of woman everywhere, skinnier than hell. You can’t get away from it. So how do you beat it? Of course it’s not real but when it is staring you in the face its hard not to wish it.

The reality is, I can’t not eat anymore. I don’t have the strength, I don’t even have the want to not eat. When I am not eating or I am throwing up I feel like shit. I can’t find that middle balance either. The balance were I feel good about myself and I am not to skinny, not to muscular, or I am not to fat.

There is freedom in changing the way you think about food and Portion control. With intuitive eating it is possible to eat proportionally correct and even lose weight and build muscle. I am learning how to do this and now can determine my head aches… Am I hungry? Do I need more water? Is this a stress head ache?

I always tell my therapist that no matter what happens it is never okay with anyone, but maybe that is the point. My life will never be absolutely okay with everyone, but it can be absolutely okay with me because it is my life, and I choose my happiness.

I am going to choose to be happy because life is too short to be unhappy, and……No one likes to be around a grumpy K. Is there a reason to wallow in sadness for me? I can come up with 1,000 excuses to wallow, but I can also think of 1,000 reasons to be happy.

I guess what they say is true. It is a journey. It’s a process and re wiring your brain is hard. Especially when you have had an eating disorder for half your life.

The hardest things in life are worth it, and this is definitely one of those hardest things in life..

Well thank you so much for reading, sorry it is a little depressing lately. I am going through a lot of changes both good and bad. Just trying to manage all of them.