First outdoor run in this heat….. brutal. It’s not even an option anymore, sports bra and shorts. 2 miles not even made, got to work up to the normal with this heat and allergies.

Saturday’s are wonderful. No alarm clock to wake you up, no rush (most of the time), taking time to drink the regular cup of joe and eat breakfast. 

This morning the twins got to spend time together. Last minute wedding purchases. A butiful sparkley cuff diamond bracelet and matching earrings. Bridesmaid shirts for the girls. It was a perfect morning. Hit the tanning bed before meeting up with the soon to be (trying to get rid of those tan lines), talked with him about family issues, what else ;), then hit that hot 1.75 run. It feels silly that we only went that far, we are use to over 4 mile runs. 

It’s shower time, cold shower, then it’s off to birthdays and graduation parties. Adulting is awesome, isn’t it. 

Chugging water so the tast of wine can hit my tounge. Can’t be dehydrated. That didn’t end well last Monday. 

Climbing Mount O. With a hang over and feeling like shit the rest of the week… it was real classy….. Oh…. also, we climbed at least 5,000 feet in elevation. It was worth it. 

Today is great. Looking forward to the night. A week in counting until the big day. I can hardly believe it. 

Have a wonderful day!