Daily Prompt: Edible

Their favorite thing to do was hike together. Even when it was challenging, getting to that peak was a must. The thing about hiking with him is he always wanted to go higher, or longer, he has an unlimited amount of energy. Sometimes she agrees to go on, and sometimes she just can’t. Every Monday they would wait patiently for that Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon hike.

Saturday morning came and they were ready. Ready to concur. They drove to the canyon. It was a new hike they were trying, elevation climb about 9,000 feet. She wasn’t feeling that great that day, but they started and didn’t stop until they reached the sattle (that’s the part of the mountain before basically rock climbing to the summit).

Exhaustion had hit, she was starving and so tired. She simply couldn’t go any further without eating. He was disappointed, not making it to the summit was not negotiable, they were doing it.  Frantically he searched in his pack for some food. Nothing in the main pocket, he kept searching. Nothing in the 2nd pocket, he moved in to the third pocket, all the sudden he yells, “No way, you got to be kidding me”. She turned to look at him and he was holding a cliff bar, he had the biggest smile on his face. ” It’s a miracle”, he said. She took it from his hands and started eating it. It was smashed and hard to eat, She smiled at him with such gratitude, “it may be smashed to bits, but it’s edible“. They rested a few more minutes just to gain some energy, and then they were off. Conquering goals, climbing mountains.

Hey everyone this is my response to the Daily Post. Tell me what you think.




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