A Strange Man

Another one last night. Not one that he is gone, one that has bludgeoned death and trouble. Watching as he kept swinging, blood pool running large on the floor. Hidden in the corner under a desk. Showdowns show on the floor. He began to walk out the door, talking to a man that came in from outside,” learn from this”, he told the man. The day changed and I wasn’t alone in the house. The man was back, a man begging for forgiveness, he was silenced by a blow, getting weaker, couldn’t see but hearing sounds no one wants to hear. Looking at a girl across the room, she looked terrified, trying to tell her to not move or make a sound. He walked out side, sneaking behind another car to hide, hearing him talk to another man, muffles is all that could be heard. They both got in the car and sped off. Walked in to the house expecting to have to clean up the mess, but it was already done. A bleach spot on the carpet, but no blood. The body was gone. The man carried nothing out.

Hello my dear readers. This post is damn creepy. My dreams lately, they scare me. I wake up in sweat.

Anyways, thank you for reading. šŸ™‚golden-rules-to-help-you-sleep-better-10-photos-25



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