Daily Prompt: Tailor

Everything always had to be perfect. He spent more time getting ready than most girls. Hair perfect, shirt wrinkle free, Jeans Tailored to fit just right. He though he was God’s gift to earth, a pompous ass hole on the outside, but inside he was falling apart. So insecure, he couldn’t let his girl out of his site, always had to know where she was, telling her she couldn’t wear those jeans because she looked so good in them. Things started to change though, he was getting meaner. Calling her a slut and whore. Why did she stay around so long she didn’t know. The rain was falling and he called her just to criticize. She was driving, she couldn’t stand him yelling at her and degrading her any longer. He wouldn’t let her out though. Not until he had his next victim. Not until he was ready. Only 2 days had passed, she had heard he was cheating. It must have been true because she never heard from him again.

Hello my lovely readers. Here is my response to the Daily Prompt. Did you like it? Tell me what you think in the comments.



Hope you are all having a wonderful day!



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