Daily Prompt: Bumble


The last thing she remembered was laying in a hospital bed. The room was quiet and her parents sat on each side of the bed. she was crying, the pain was unbearable. The doctor came in, “you’re going to feel really good here in a minute”. He told her to count backwards from a 100 like every other doctor does when they are putting you out. What seemed about a minute later her eyes opened, she Bumbled around and asked when they would finish. Her parents looked at her and said, “they are done my dear”. She sat up, looked around, was all warm inside and melted back in to the bed.


Hello Hello my special readers!

This is my response to the daily prompt. Let me know if you like it. 🙂



3 responses to “Daily Prompt: Bumble

  1. Well done! As someone who has experienced that more than 40 times, you got it right! The last time I had surgery I came out shouting for my wife. The nurses and my wife all got a good kick out of that.

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