One of the First Nights

The fight, it is still bothering me. The way he acted. His childish ways. He cried and screamed in to a pillow. His eyes blood-shot red from his tears. For something so silly. It wasn’t just that, it was everything. All the changes. The exhaustion.

All he kept saying was, “You do not talk to me like that”. I heard muffles and a slap on the arm, he said he “didn’t” mean to. He poked his chest hard, it only infuriated him more.

The door shut, opened quickly and he went in to the bathroom. Just so he would calm down so he didn’t lose his shit.

Muffles from his room, he knew he was being disobedient.

I lay on the couch till the melt down clears, hugs come, and apologies made.

Sleep came, they both needed it.



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